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Performance Research, Workforce Development Content & Writing:
I bring a 12-year background in marketing management; research, writing & publishing; strategy; finance; project management; professional services; and training, to help you with your business intelligence, communication, workforce development, and knowledge management efforts.

Preparation: Key to the Good Life.
When I first went to work as a business planning analyst for a Japanese high-tech conglomerate in the mid-1990's, I was expecting the good life. I arrived armed with a dual master's degree, graduate international business coursework, a handful of technical certifications, fluency in Japanese with a few years of Mandarin Chinese, ready to take advantage of the contemporary climate of Japanese industry "leadership." Little did I know, after all that education, and several years' work experience, I was completely and absolutely unprepared.

Discovering the Problem--I Was Lucky.
My main problem was that, though I could recognize the business challenges and solutions, I didn't know how to "systematize" the processes to reproduce the type of results that our skillful managers were able to achieve. Without knowledge of the business fundamentals in our particular environment, I wasn't able to size up complex situations and make wise, strategic decisions quickly. Well, that was what my job required, so I had to get up to speed in a hurry. And I did.

Through books, magazines, classes, website research, workbooks and networking, I taught myself to be a Jane-of-all-trades, learning to manage and integrate many functions, strategies and processes across the value chain.

Operating With A Full Deck.
Now that I could tell the difference, I saw that in almost half the business units, the workforce was operating tactically--not strategically. Many of our highly educated staff brushed aside the importance of business development, business intelligence validation, and client relationship skills. We worked on a strategic plan, but it was shelved in the flurry of daily activity. They just didn't see the connection between their jobs, the numbers, the corporate strategy, and their financial well-being.

Marketers and business analysts were seen as data-crunchers, whose work was to be added in support of our business unit management's beliefs about the market success of their ideas. I believed that all I needed to do to motivate my team members was to figure out how to make them aware of the bridge between their job performance and the big picture of the company's bottom line. I was ten percent right.

It Takes Leadership and Knowledgeable Workers to Get to 100%
It takes much more than that. No matter if you have 8 or 80,000 employees, it takes a highly visible company-wide campaign to lead, inform and reward. It takes a concerted effort across functions with explanations, incentives, and measurements to strategically align and mobilize the workforce. This includes human capital development and business process innovation; knowledge & data sharing systems; and whatever else is missing in your gap analysis of where you are, and where you want to be.

Added Value = Better Business and The Good Life: That's Your ROI.
I learned that instead of focusing solely on cutting and slashing, a better way was to add value. This is how companies could differentiate themselves without hurting the business by regressing to commodity-related tactics. I've learned some really good lessons from consummate corporate professionals and focused entrepreneurs throughout the years. But, for every one of them, I found another out there that, despite the abundance of information and services to help, was actively hindering the business with irresponsible business behavior! It's likely that this help doesn't fit into their schedules and budgets, but I think the number one reason is that they just don't see the return on the investment that's there.

"Show Me The Money!"
Well, that's my job description--to make sure you get the best information, the best internal communications and workforce content, and the best in strategic external communications to help you capture and retain profitable business, and then support you as you grow to meet that demand. I started BankableInfo to provide top-notch intelligence, content & communication, and soon publishing, services to world-builders and world-traders--companies in the Architecture & Engineering, and Global Trade, Transportation & Logistics business areas.

Multi-disciplined researcher, writer, communicator and knowledge developer: you get the benefit of my well-rounded experience and insight, no matter what type of project we do together. I have:

_  performed product positioning research & marketing planning;
_  developed market requirements for product/service development;
_  developed business requirements for enterprise systems;
_  designed, researched, written and placed marketing and PR materials;
_  developed and managed marketing programs;
_  designed, researched, written and placed technical materials;
_  designed, researched, and written change management communications;
_  designed, researched, written and published websites & collateral;
_  managed vendors and co-op marketing processes;
_  managed projects: budgets, schedules, resources, measurement;
_  helped manage launches and marketing/branding campaigns;
_  helped develop & manage business process re-engineering efforts;
_  developed business plans for commercializing technologies;
_  interfaced successfully with engineering, operations, sales & marketing;
_  worked successfully among many cultures;
_  developed training materials and performed business skills training;
_  developed, negotiated for, and managed budgets in the tens of millions;
_  consistently sold above my quota and received customer
commendations in sales of professional services;
....and much more.

How May I Help You?
We'll discuss your goals, review your efforts, and look at ways to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. Get the support you need and the results you want with BankableInfo's strategic business writing, research and content development services. Use the contact button to have me contact you, or e-mail me.

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