Business Intelligence and Reporting: Recent Research

Here are some recent research projects I've completed:

_  Benchmarked strategies & materials for musical OEM to maximize tradeshow investment
_  Benchmarked technology advertising spend in East Africa
_  Benchmarked engineering project management structures for startup engineering company
_  Brainstormed culturally appropriate brand names & logos for US company in East Africa
_  Compiled qualified prospect list & wrote marketing plan for medical device OEM
_  Economic impact study for proposed oil refinery
_  Competitive intelligence for proposed themed resort in U.S. and an Island Country
_  Economic impact study for proposed electricity grid renovations and alternative fuels
_  Business environment intelligence for international startups
_  Identified grass-roots ethnic venues for promotion of allergy medicine
_  Identified funding sources for new marine technology
_  Compared digital asset and knowledge management systems for entertainment client
_  Provided research and wrote business plan for startup biometric technology firm
_  Helped startup technology firm navigate World Bank requirements with a foreign RFP
_  Identified appropriate contacts for music industry media & developed direct mail campaign
_  Competitive and tax research for startup international financial services company
_  Reported on foreign business regulations & protocol for China and Africa
_  Benchmarked competitors for local infrastructure engineering company in Africa
_  Provided industry discussion frameworks for executive in new industry
_  Sourced local contractors for infrastructure engineering consultant in Africa

Whether you've been tasked with strategic or business planning, or managing the corporate asset library, I'll help save you time and effort. As a freelancer with a multi-disciplined background, I can help you leverage the implications.

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