verify your plans with business intelligence and market research

Business Intelligence is a sales tool.
It's also a strategic management tool.
Apply the results to service roadmaps, business & marketing plans, prospect & budget presentations, corporate initiatives, and more. It's the best way to test your assumptions before you start, and if you've already started, to keep you on the right track. You can:

_  Benchmark your peers in management best practices
_  Discern competitor patterns in marketing and business strategies
_  Generate innovative marketing ideas
_  Improve marketing communication materials
_  Enhance customer loyalty
_  Identify new product/service, market, channel opportunities
_  Find solutions to human resource & purchasing issues
_  Explore corporate technology options, product evaluations
_  Identify cost-reduction, streamlining and other strategies
_  Identify acquisition candidates
_  Find international sources
_  Identification of manufacturers and vendors for your products
_  Profile distribution networks for products in overseas markets
_  Identify potential marketing agents, distributors, & other
marketing partners
_  Identify non-profit partnering (cause alignment) opportunities
_  Track world-wide and multi-platform media coverage
_  Discover ways to use legal & regulatory issues to your advantage
_  Identify licensing & merchandising opportunities
_  Learn about strategic workforce knowledge
_  Plan for tradeshow ROI

Whether you've been tasked with strategic or business planning, or managing the corporate asset library, I'll help save you time and effort. As a freelancer with a multi-disciplined background, I can help you leverage the implications.

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