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Social scientists'* recipe to effectively influence others:
1. Define and structure how an issue is discussed
(set the agenda, create the frame of reference);
2. Establish credibility (authority, likeability and trustworthiness);
3. Vividly focus the audience's attention on your key points;
4. Arouse emotions in connection with desired course of action.

Internal and External: Build Visibility, Credibility, Momentum, and Influence.
Become a world class communicator. I help you transform your marketing, management, and technical communications into significant materials that engage, reinforce strategy, and link to the company's bottom line. Whether you do or don't have a dedicated marketing department—extend your own team's capabilities, resources and budgets with BankableInfo's freelance business research, writing and content development services.

Integrated Marketing Communications
Control Branding, Messaging and Placement...
Position your firm before the market does it for you...
-External Visibility
-Indirect Marketing
-Multi-Channel Marketing
-Direct Marketing
-Perception Surveys
-Internet Marketing
-Extranet & Partner Portal
-"Editorial" (White Paper, Article) Marketing
-Tradeshow Marketing
-Public Relations & Shareholder campaigns
-Community Relations campaigns
-Public Affairs campaigns
-Internal Branding campaign
-Viral, or Word-Of-Mouth marketing campaigns
.....and much more.

Employee/Corporate/Intranet Communications
Strategic Internal Communicators are the new Leaders of Change:
-Achieve Cohesive Internal Branding
-Promote Your Intranet and Knowledge Portal
-Promote Your Training Catalog
-Promote Open Book Management
-Promote Change Management & Collaboration
-Promote Ethics & Corporate Responsibility Programs
-Promote Knowledge Management
-Promote Skills Transfer Program

Web Content & Communications
-Satisfy customer expectations, build trust, with high quality
content and easy navigation.
-Establish credibility through professional-looking site
-Enhance credibility through strategic visibility & outreach
-Verify demand in new markets before physical investment
-Design & maintain site for a great client experience with your company
-Get feedback 24/7
-Design & maintain site for 24/7 business development
-Increase traffic through SEO, linking, PR, direct marketing,
affiliate programs & more

Technical Content & Communications
Technical marketing materials and workforce development materials from business competency and business cases, to highly technical workings of machinery, equipment, processes, technologies, modelling, and more.

I've researched and written about subjects such as microprocessors and systems-on-a-chip; artificial intelligence & using case-based reasoning software systems; business process re-engineering; wind & hydropower, electricity, petroleum and alternative fuel-related development projects; liquid natural gas storage & transportation processes; trade policy & trade development; customs; global business regulations; enterprise sector development; and much more. See content, research, and

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