Employee Communications Copywriting

Reinforce Strategy to Maximize Performance & Drive Change
Manage the alignment of workforce with strategy: build partnerships across functions and business units. Communicate changes to your workforce and help managers effectively manage communication with their groups. Help them reward strategic behavior and achievement, rather than short-term financial goals, to create long-term value. Help build trust with employees through techniques like Open Book Management.

Performance-Based Communications
Communications professionals across industries are adding value to their firms by:
_  Helping employees understand the business
_  Providing employees with financial information and objectives
_  Exhibiting strong management leadership during times of
organizational change
_  Aligning employees’ actions with customer needs
_  Educating employees about organizational culture and values
_  Explaining and promoting new programs and policies
_  Integrating new employees into the organization
_  Providing employees with information on the value of their
total rewards program
Source: Watson Wyatt, 2004. (www.watsonwyatt.com)

High-Quality Content for Internal Communications
As a multi-disciplined freelance writer & information professional, I support you by working with you to develop compelling content. I bring a 12-year background in marketing management, publishing, high-technology, strategy, finance, project management, professional services, and training, to help you achieve results with your communication programs. Together we'll transform your employee, management, and technical communications into significant materials that engage, align with strategy, and link to the company's bottom line.

I can help with issues like these:

_  Training Reinforcement Communication
_  Open Book Management Communications to build employee trust
_  Project Management (systems thinking) in all jobs
_  Business Development (strategic thinking) in all jobs
_  Business Proficiency & Measurement
_  Knowledge Management
_  Corporate Responsibility
_  Cross-functional Collaboration
_  Value Chain Inter-company Collaboration
_  Technical: Leverage technologies to cut costs & improve performance
_  Business Processes & Requirements
_  Globalization Preparedness & Cultural Collaboration
_  Market Research & Application Techniques
_  Productivity/Quality Issues in products
_  Productivity/Quality Issues in services
...and much more.

How May I Help You?
We'll discuss your goals, review your efforts, and look at ways to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. If you're charged with any aspect of Human Resources or staff development, Change Management, or Knowledge Management, get the support you need and the results you want with BankableInfo's strategic business writing, research and communications planning services. Use the contact button to have me contact you, or e-mail me.

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