It's time to become the high-performance team that's known for exceptional value in your domain.
In today's hyper-competitive world, real value is the differentiator between commodity and profitable status--there's no difference if you have 10 or 10,000 employees. From business intelligence, to marketing communications, to increasing the competitiveness of your workforce, I've been through the trenches and I can help you as you build value, visibility, momentum, and influence.

Make BankableInfo A Part of Your Team
I support your value-creation efforts as a virtual member of your team, with projects in one or more of the following BankableInfo specialties:
_  research your business, management, knowledge, and technology options;
_  create workforce development strategy and content;
_  communicate to build trust, mobilize your workforce & value chain;
_  show your markets your added value through high-quality integrated
multi-channel communications.
World Builders
_  Architecture, Design, Landscape
_  Engineering
_  Planning Firms
_  Construction
_  Environmental
_  Geotechnical: Survey & Mapping, GIS, etc.
_  Equipment & Technologies
_  Project Finance/Business Development Companies

World Traders
_  Logistics & Supply Chain Management
_  Inventory Planning & Management
_  Warehousing & Material Handling
_  Transportation & Distribution
_  Transportation Infrastructure Entities
_  Transportation Equipment Suppliers; Marine, Air, Intermodal
_  Global Trade Management Consulting Services & Technologies
_  Importers & Exporters
_  Business Services:
Legal, Financial, Business Development...

Support for Industry Consultants & Organizations:
_  Management & Strategy
_  Policy & Economics
_  Media, Information & Content Providers
_  Marketing & Communications, PR, Advertising, Web Design
_  Trade Associations
_  Professional Education & Learning Institutions

How May I Help You?
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