Hyper-Collaboration for Hyper-Competitive Times: From Tactical to Strategic
Along with strategic thinking and behaviors, a key source of competitive advantage is workforce-partner-vendor collaboration through dissemination of essential information on relationships, knowledge, processes and methods—to leverage what's integral to your company's vitality. Mobilizing this around what drives the customer is a sure route to build external reputation, and profits.

Knowledge Management Helps You Get the Reputation You Want
Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, the way you manage knowledge and communication is key to becoming the high-performance organization where everyone focuses on achieving business results and customer loyalty. That's how you become known for high-value in your target markets.

When You Manage Knowledge, You Have More Control Over Your Situation
The idea of knowledge management is to enable everyone across the board to recognize indicators, size up situations, and make wise decisions quickly. If you don't have the information or knowledge that you need, you don't need to wait, or make your customer wait. You can now have reliable information at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Spread the Wealth Throughout Your Value Chain
Use what you know to better manage the processes in your line of work—for example, the way the you gain effciencies, cost savings, design/service integrity, contractual advantages, and more. We'll frame this knowledge in the context of your value drivers (what drives value that the customer wants) and business model. From this, you create guidelines (strategy) for effective decision-making so all of your staff have an enhanced ability to capitalize on this competitive advantage—therefore extending it throughout the business.

Get Started With Knowledge Management
We'll start the discussion by benchmarking relevant best-practices and technologies in companies whose performance you admire. We'll look at how the creation and exchange of information (processes and content) would work to the highest advantage in your department and company. We'll evaluate information/enterprise content storage, sharing & access, and discovery processes.

As a result of our exploration & discovery, we'll start to define, create and facilitate a knowledge-management effort that you can:
(a) systematize for your own or your group's efficiency;
(b) use for the basis of business requirements for automation with ECM systems like CRM, BPM, KM;
(c) Merge with business intelligence reporting as case-based training to leverage knowledge management activities.

The information you'll make readily available to decision-makers is about your products, services, markets, partners, customers, competitors, relationships, methods, techniques, performance indicators, strategies, financials and more. So even the smallest companies will benefit from a homegrown CRM database that includes information about customers, competitors and access to a "panel" of company "gurus" in functional areas and industry knowledge. But be advised—you may soon experience growing pains!

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