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What Do You Want Your Targets To Do?
We'll discuss your goals, review your efforts, and look at ways to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. I bring a 12-year background in marketing, publishing, global high-tech, strategy, finance, project management and content development to help you with your B2B campaigns. Extend your own team's capabilities, resources and budgets with freelance business research, writing and communication services.

Performance Communications:   Business, Marketing, Sales, Editorial, PR, Technical, Scientific and Ghostwriting Services. Offering Writing Talent that's multi-disciplined:
1) Driven by your strategy
2) Developed for relevancy & results
3) Designed according to how it'll be used
4) Styled for engagement & retention
5) Validated for accuracy & credibility
6) Edited for clarity and impact
7) Proofed for Quality Assurance

I help you transform your marketing, management, and technical communications into significant materials that engage, reinforce strategy, and link to the company's bottom line. I work with print media, web, presentations, audio, video and flash--whatever works for your organization.
_  Multi-Channel Publications
_  Web Content: Editorial, e-Learning, Marketing
_  Employee Training and Development Materials
_  Post-Training Reinforcement e-Bytes (reusable knowledge modules)
_  Change Management content
_  White Papers, Case Studies and Reports
_  Proposals & Letters
_  Presentations
Viral/Word-Of-Mouth strategies
_  Brochures
_  Annual Reports
_  Surveys
_  Articles, Newsletters, e-Zines
_  Tradeshow Materials: before, during & after
_  Multimedia: Video/Audio Scripting and Editing
_  Direct Response Materials
_  Speeches & Memos
_  Insert Sheets, Flyers, etc.
_  Advertorials
_  Press Releases & other PR content
_  Data Sheets
_  Ghostwritten Articles, Chapters and Books
...and much more.

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