market, economic & feasibility research for AEC, global trade, transportation & logistics industries

Start here to develop and evaluate the feasibility of your plans.
Apply the results to business and marketing plans, budget presentations, customer & prospect presentations, product roadmaps, and internal communications. BankableInfo provides information such as:

_  Market & industry tracking
_  International marketing analysis: trade laws, market dynamics
_  Industry channel analysis: Assess current ROI
_  Industry channel analysis: Expand business, Explore new business
_  Identification of trends
_  Regional business segmentation & forecasting
_  Foreign market entry opportunities
_  Country-specific industry structures- what you need to compete
_  Foreign business protocol
_  Regulatory developments and info on environmental impacts
_  Technical & technology innovations
_  Engineering & infrastructure developments
_  Transportation infrastructure developments
_  International intellectual property law developments
_  Foreign direct investment (project) opportunities
_  Public-Private partnership opportunities
_  Economic impact and project feasibility studies
_  Company profiling & benchmarking
_  NGO aid & funding: development project opportunities
_  NGO aid & funding: project platform development

Whether you've been tasked with strategic or business planning, or managing the corporate asset library, I'll help save you time and effort. As a freelancer with a multi-disciplined background, I can help you leverage the implications in your strategy and planning.

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