High-Quality e-Business Content, built for ROI.
Good ROI sites exist for two reasons: to provide a great customer experience, and for 24/7 business development. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is only part of the equation. What really matters is implementing an integrated, targeted marketing strategy, with your professional website "part" working as your constant outreach to pull in prospects and customers.

Prospects may find you with SEO, but they may not like what they see.
Customers today are impatient, and that makes content critical. Surprisingly, though, it's one of the most misunderstood, poorly measured and managed resources. If visitors to your site can't find what they're looking for, or if they find poorly written or disorganized content, your company’s reputation (and sales) could be at stake.

What Visitors Should See.
When they get to your site, they should find relevant, reliable, and readable information—and a call to action—on every page. A new study from the Aberdeen Group (www.aberdeengroup.com) points out that 90% of sales on the internet are a point of entry to larger sales. That's reason enough to invest in good content.

Systematic Market Visibility Cultivates Profitable Opportunities.
You've invested a lot in a good product or service. Now invest in the proper outreach: Build visibility, credibility and momentum through systematic marketing & PR, that cultivates relationships with high-quality (profitable) repeat customers. As a lucky by-product, these customers are usually the ones who spread the word about good experiences they've had with your website and business. You can plan a program to orchestrate and reward this behavior, and do it all cost-effectively, too!

Strategies to drive traffic to your site:
I often hear businesspeople complaining that their site isn't "doing anything to bring in business." Perhaps the copy's unreadable or full of platitudes, or the site's look is not professional, or it's difficult to navigate. But usually it's because they're not promoting it in the marketplace!

_  first and foremost: PR and Direct online & offline Marketing & Promotion
_  multi-channel cross-marketing of publicity materials
_  directory listing submissions
_  search engine submissions
_  industry listings (journals, websites, trade associations, etc.)
_  link and banner exchange with complementary businesses
_  purchasing ad words
_  submitting articles online and offline
_  magazine, industry directory annual edition submissions
_  affiliate referral systems
_  other viral and word-of-mouth systems
...and much more.

Internet Market Research: Did you know?

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