Beware: It's a waste of your time and money to search for data just to confirm an idea. I don't research to help sustain an inappropriate belief--it's my responsibility to you--to find and verify the realities so you can leverage them.

BankableInfo's market intelligence reporting gives you the ability to monitor, measure and analyze the external world of information to determine what is happening in the market and use it to drive better business performance. It helps you track competitors, expose media patterns, anticipate market activity, find partners, detect industry trends and potential new customer segments--and more.

Research, Business Analysis & Reporting: 4 Main Services
We'll customize the reporting as often as you need it, from weekly summaries, to on-call decision support, to business analyst advisories, to comprehensive research such as an economic impact study. I use public and private online, offline, and primary information sources--verifiable and fully cited.
1) Competitive & Effectiveness Advisory: Industry, Markets & Operations
2) Client Perception and Satisfaction Surveys
3) Custom Projects & Studies and Your Own IP
4) Research & Prep on Integrating Market Intelligence with Your Systems

1) Competitive and Effectiveness Advisory Briefings
I aggregate and tailor results to your company's individual situation. With your strategy in mind, I include your industry & markets, departments & functions within your business, and components across your value chain. It's two birds with one stone...don't get overwhelmed by information overload, but do spend time to focus on your strategic activities.

Benchmark Your Operations: Drive Performance Inside Your Organization to Create Value That's Recognized in Your Target Markets
To help companies compete more effectively, I provide information to get you thinking about innovative efficiencies between process, functions and industry. Along with your markets, I track:

_  purchasing/procurement, logistics, finance and
project management professions;
_  customer service, sales & business development;
_  human resource development, globalization preparedness;
_  organizational learning, course, degree & content evaluations;
_  the different types of marketing/branding strategies & tactics;
_  business models, channels, value drivers & strategies;
_  co-marketing, partnering and other strategic alliances;
_  business structures & financial strategies;
_  project & trade finance strategies;
_  performance and productivity measures;
_  content/process/supply chain management & systems;
_  publishing & IP, content production & distribution;
_  methods of licensing, merchandising & product placement;
_  image-building and fundraising strategies of the non-profits;
.....and much more.

Extra: Personal Primary Follow Up on information you've read that you'd like to confirm, or know more about, or for times when documented research just isn't enough. I can follow up with industry experts, company spokespersons and managers (and then read between the lines), and function experts.

2) Client Surveys
While automated web surveys are helpful, it's more valuable to have someone take the time to talk with a customer, where the exchange can provide meaningful connections between what the customer says, and the processes that are involved in your company. I'll work with you to develop and test field surveys to support your strategic objectives.

With BankableInfo, you get the advantage of a researcher with a multi-disciplined background. This means the ability to recognize when new and critical information is being introduced into the interview by the discussion—with the flexibility to incorporate it on the fly, and then measure the results. Aim for client loyalty and word-of-mouth motivation—not just customer satisfaction!

3) Custom Research and Your Own IP
I can perform in-depth custom research on a particular issue, product, competitor, or segment for integration into your plans. Or I can provide you with YOUR OWN Intellectual Property. This could take the form of specific questions or projects that you think your targets will find useful--and thus help make your company more visible--with reports, articles, case studies & white papers that you can publish as your own.

Extra No. 1: Multi-Channel Marketing for your own IP: editing & re-tooling for different channels or industry magazines... and placement and promotion services. Outreach placement in web directory submissions, search engines, trade association websites & directories, membership websites & directories, research-for-sale websites, and anywhere else that a prospective client might pick it up.

Extra No. 2: Merge a Knowledge-Management training initiative with Business Intelligence reporting by providing case studies with decision-making guidance & strategies.

4) The Next Step: Integrate Marketing Intelligence With Your Systems
When you're thinking about incorporating solutions into your strategy and practice, I provide information and guidelines to help you define the business case, identify business requirements, and evaluate products for a cross-functional and industry knowledge management system. The impact of managing a business with real-time market information and insight is well-documented, and this means you'll see an immediate and substantial return on investment.

Enterprises are using integrated market intelligence solutions to:

*Develop corporate strategy
*Fashion a corporate makeover
*Measure and analyze the results of communication strategies
*Report on the competitive landscape
*Assess corporate reputation
*Refine and customize media outreach strategy
*Monitor industry trends
*Track return on communications investment

By incorporating continuous market intelligence into a company's Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Knowledge Management (KM), or Business Process Management (BPM) framework, professionals across the company can:

*Gain real-time visibility into the marketplace and competitive landscape
*Turn emerging trends into revenue opportunities
*Improve targeting of media segments and influencers
*Align strategic goals with tactical execution
*Evaluate the impact of communications on business performance

As part of a BPM system, integrated market intelligence enables companies to plan, execute and measure business activities and results of outbound campaigns that are tied to corporate goals and impact the perceptions of corporate influencers, such as customers, partners, market and industry analysts and the media.

Research & Reporting Delivery Formats:
Based on your needs, you receive the data and inferences in formats such as html & print publications, multimedia and e-Bytes, presentations and training manual revisions, audio, and database input-ready content (for KM/CRM/ERP systems).

Making sound decisions, preparing business and strategic plans, defining priorities, interpreting data, discerning patterns & making connections, evaluating alternatives or preparing prospective estimates--all of these actions are critical and require thorough research using the best data and the best analytical tools. Extend your own team's capabilities, resources and budgets with BankableInfo. I've got the research and subject matter expertise to deliver the critical work for you, at a fraction of the cost of going it alone.

How May I Help You?
As an objective, confidential third-party with your interests at the heart of my strategy, I help you research and assess your situation, and validate the information you use to make decisions. Make BankableInfo a part of your team, so you can focus on the long-term strategic activities. Use the contact button to have me contact you, or e-mail me.

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