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What's Your Strategy to Develop New Economy Talent?
Business today requires that each employee have the ability to quickly size up a complex situation and come to a rapid—and wise—decision, on a variety of issues. Employees must be proficient in fundamental business skills to be able to master core competencies. When they've become proficient in your core competencies, you'll see that your workforce investment has paid off, in a happier, more empowered and productive staff, as well as in your bottom line results.

Clients Want Your Best. Make It Your Culture.
The customer says the high-performance firm with the most knowledgeable and helpful staff wins. But globalization, retiring employees, silo mentality or hoarding information, lack of best practices knowledge, and more—these issues can fracture the strength of your group's performance.

Content & Communications to Fortify Your Strategy.
First we'll benchmark successful strategies for knowledge cultivation & sharing initiatives, change mangement and organizational learning. Then we'll develop the content to build knowledge, or to complement external coursework, that's tailored to your company's vitality. Then we'll continually promote the programs, benefits, and successes to drive retention, productivity, and cohesiveness.

Benchmark Information
Get the latest on human resource development issues for AEC and global trade management: management practices; corporate knowledge building & collaboration; enterprise content management systems; business process management systems; globalization & culture; coaching & mentoring; professional development course offerings & evaluations (safety, compliance, project management, supply chain, etc.), certifications & online degree programs; leveraging your intranet for learning; technologies & tools, processes, measurement, and linkage to the company's bottom line.

From decision-making, business competency & open book management for college grads & new-hires, to professional-technical proficiency and core-competency learning, to globalized collaboration, I work with you to provide the integrated content & communications as you align your workforce. We can also formulate a plan for effective customized learning modules and programs (based on gap analysis and then examining what your particular staff really needs) that you can take to a coursework provider.

How May I Help You?
As a multi-disciplined freelance writer and strategist, I understand the issues and can help you as you bridge the gaps in your workforce performance. I work with you to develop compelling corporate-wide communications that promote, explain the significance, and define the ROI of the training you offer. Find delivery formats here. Find content specialties here.

We'll discuss your goals, review your efforts, and look at ways to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. Get the support you need and the results you want with BankableInfo's strategic business writing, research and communications planning services. Click on the contact button to have me contact you, or e-mail me.

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